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Dear customers,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our Conditions have changed to 04/27/2015. You can view our new terms and conditions right here and here: postage and payment Any changes we have summarized shortly for you: a) You can call to order by e-mail or via the Internet. Our Terms and Conditions also apply to telephone or by e-mail orders placed. b) All prices include the applicable VAT for deliveries to Germany, unless it is specifically stated on net prices. For deliveries to countries of the European Union, the VAT rate of Germany is calculated. For delivery to countries outside the European Union, the German VAT does not apply. Added to this is the customary import VAT plus customs clearance and customs fees, which you can check at your local post office or customs office.

c) Along with the adaptation of our Terms and Conditions, we have slightly raised our product prices and adjusted shipping costs. We ask for your understanding.

In the following days we will make additional system adjustments to our website and in our shop. Orders are of course still possible. Should there be technical delays, problems in the ordering process or in the presentation during this time, we ask your pardon. We are already working on a solution.

Greetings, your fabricat team

The year 2015 has started very well for us and we are very happy šŸ™‚ So it is quite appropriate once again to deal with the statistics – that is always exciting every time again: Here you can see the (so far) best supported Fabricate 2015! Our sprinter shorts to create by yourself is still selling very well – there will soon be new to create, stay tuned.

with warm sunny days, delicious menus, searchable Easter nests full of goodies, relaxing moments and finally time for the trashy book and a wonderfully fragrant cup of espresso …

At this weather we only got this in our mind – cozy warm arm warmers, braving the icy wind. The cold must stay out! These jewels originated spontaneously in our chubby warm studio.

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