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Today we want to deliver you a little insight into our contract work that in fact only can be seen by us and of course by the customer we worked together with. Increasingly, we receive requests from you, if we could not implement this or that idea anyway. If it allow our capacities and the apparel or accessory is technically feasible for us, we like to give the go-ahead. Do you also have a special request on your mind, then simply write us your idea.

Recently these custom-made jewelry came out: a ladies Sprinter size 34/XS entirely made ​​of satin, a men Sprinter size 48/M made of ultra thin shiny nylon with wide and low waistband and high side slits in orange, a men’s briefs size 50 /M-L of shiny nylon and two ladies shorts in size 32/XXS of shiny nylon with lower waistband.

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  1. Donny Acuff says: 21. August 2014

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