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Retro, 70s and 80s this is quite to our taste, so we did something that was long overdue: reanimation and redefinition of the Sprinter Shorts, a gymnastics and running shorts from the sports and leisure section of our youth days. Thanks to its fresh and saucy looks it has become a useful fashion accessory for women and men. Whether for sport, leisure or simply for the home, there are many stylish combinations. If you want to be creative, design your own customized shorts.

custom sprinter:

At fabricat you are able to create your personal customized and unique sprinter shorts in your favourit colours and in two different waist heights ! How it works:

Click at our shop to “customize your shorts

Choose among 3 different nylon fabrics (wafer-thin/ultra-thin, thin or silky/satin nylon), pick a favorite colour as basic colour and a beautiful matching colour for the trim, select ladies / men’s cut, your size and select between the standard high waist or low waist. Put it in your cart and ready. Is quite simply 🙂 Come on, it is your turn!

Reversible Shorts customizable:

The Sprinter, which has two “faces” and can look completely different from one day to another because it is reversible. You will find an example of this short in our onlineshop. We manufacture this pair on request and have no configurator for it. Of course it can be manufactured as ladies cut:

fabricat retro 80er 80s sprinter shorts glĂ€nzend shiny glossy glanznylon beere grĂŒn pink wendeshorts 4er KopiePick two different colours for inside and outside” as well as the colour for the trim/border, choose your right size and send us a message.

Regarding the design, we are constantly experimenting, often even based on customers suggestions.

We produce all items by hand in Leipzig per your order.


We offer various fabric qualities, such as shiny glossy nylon in two different strengths; an ultra-thin and ultra-soft, which feels like a second skin and a slightly thicker nylon. Brand new in our range is the nylonsatin. It is a very special and fine fabric: with very noble shimmering, very fine surface, very smooth and cool feel and crease-resistant because of the high polyamide content.

Since we are constantly looking for exciting fabrics, we can offer you an exquisite selection of materials and colours that never stagnant and always provides new surprises. We have not displayed every fabric online! In our stock there are many more colours you can choose, do not hesitate to ask for it.

We always like to experiment with materials. So we are also planning to work with original fabrics from the 70s and 80s to create new clothes.

All items shown on our site and offered for sale are handmade by us with great care and love and so you get a unique everytime. We work with very high quality materials and work equipment, doing everything by hand and take several quality controls until your garment is finished.

Our Sprinter is available in a women’s and a men’s cut.

We tailor your shorts according to your needs:

sprinter shorts with extra-low waist

sprinter in your favourit colours: