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High slotted white sprinter from shiny nylon for men and women in different colour versions enrich our range of shorts with a maximum of legroom! And the best part is that you can select the waist height (“standard” like in the 80s or “low”) and the colour of the satin trim.

And here you can see all five designs with standard high waistband, the deeper waistband is 4 cm lower and sits on the hip:

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This is what it looks like when our creative customers design a pair of shorts. How it works? Simply follow this link and choose your favorite colours for your brandnew shorts with the help of the configurator. Here we go !

Do you have questions regarding the the colour choice or do you have further design request, we would love to help you in order to realize your custom made sprinter shorts.

Now you have even more ways to create with us your personal shorts. Even the waist height “standard” or “low” is selectable.

how it works: Click to “shop” and to “customize your shorts“. Choose among 3 different nylon fabrics, pick a favorite colour as basic colour, and a beautiful matching colour for the trim, select ladies / men’s cut, your size and select between the standard high waist or low waist. Put it in your cart and finished. Is quite simply 🙂